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Looking for a way to improve your business while still managing your various business needs? Eagles has you covered. You can have your One Talk Phone System managed while you continue to grow and focus on what truly makes your business successful.

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What is the cost of an One Talk Management Plan?

The average cost of a management plan for small businesses will vary depending on the company’s size, how many users there are, and which pricing plan you go with. The lowest plan starts at only $30 per month.

Who is eligible to purchase One Talk Management Plan?

Plans are available to any (new or existing) Verizon One Talk customer in the domestic US—regardless of business size, type or location. One Talk can be used on mobile devices from Verizon or any other mobile carrier as well as tablets and computers.

How is One Talk service presented on my bill?

Service billing appears as two individual line items: a service feature order, labeled “One Talk Service” and a second line item labeled, “Price plan type” or “Line Access Charge”.

How long does it take to setup my account?

One Talk management account setup process varies depending on the business. Regardless of your business size, the service will be available for use within an hour of account activation.